On 2 nd April 2018 NPPA issued notification No. 1461(E), 1462(E), 1463(E) and 1464(E) notifying Price Revision as per Annual Wholesale Price Index (WPI) @ 3.43812% increase. 16. Revision of ceiling price of scheduled formulations.– (1) The Government shall revise the ceiling prices of scheduled formulations as per the annual wholesale price index (WPI) for preceding calendar year on or before 1st April of every year and notify the same on the 1st day of April every year. (2) The manufacturers may increase the maximum retail price (MRP) of scheduled formulations once in a year, in the month of April, on the basis of the wholesale price index with respect to previous calendar year and no prior approval of the Government in this regard shall be required.  (3) Information about the revision, if carried out, shall be forwarded to the Government in either electronic or physical form in Form-II within a period of fifteen days of such revision and non-submission of information under

Price fixation of technically different products by NPPA

Facts stated in the Article. The article essentially speaks about technological advancement within a class – coronary stents and other medical devices – and the Government order compelling the technologically advanced devices selling at a loss.  The Article also states that when invited to prove technological superiority the companies like Abott, Boston Scientific and Medtronic did not submit data.   Companies action         This shows that companies do not want the benefit of price on Technological superiority alone but by lobbying and arm-twisting. Even when NLEM Committee on coronary stents invited the companies they could not prove superiority in clinical trials.  I think India has a track record of not succumbing to pressure tectics. Companies can at best get their voice heard by applying such pressures. NPPA's Action DPCO 2013 is a quantum shift from cost based system being followed right since inception upto DPCO 1995 and therefore certain difficulties were quit